The AODA Grand Grove

About the Grand Grove

The AODA Grand Grove provides leadership and financial and administrative oversight for the Order. Its members charter Study Groups and Groves, manage the curriculum and preserve the teachings and traditions of the order. It consists of four Archdruids, and Appointed Officers:

  • The Grand Archdruid (Archdruid of Earth)
  • The Archdruid of Water
  • The Archdruid of Fire
  • The Archdruid of Air
  • The Grand Pendragon (Appointed Officer)
  • The Grand Almoner (Appointed Officer)
  • The Grand Herald (Appointed Officer)
  • Other volunteer officer positions

Duties for each of these positions are determined by the Grand Archdruid, so the positions and duties may rotate as our leadership changes.  Typical work includes handling membership applications, managing the AODA’s mentoring program, overseeing the AODA’s publishing program,

The rules of governance and current role-responsibilities for the Grand Grove are laid out in the Grand Grove Bylaws.

New Archdruids are selected from among the Adepts in the order by the current Archdruids, and are voted onto the Grand Grove by the other Archdruids. Appointed Officers can be of any rank, are those who have shown leadership and a capacity to serve the order, and are voted upon by the Archdruids.