Mentoring Program

AODA offers a mentoring program to new Candidates in the Order. This is an optional program that Candidates can choose to join when they join AODA (or at a later date as they work through the first degree). The AODA’s Mentoring Program provides one-on-one support and guidance to AODA members who are working through the Candidate curriculum.

Mentors are members who have succeeded in working through the requirements of the first degree and who have undergone additional training to serve as AODA mentors.

Mentors work to help facilitate Candidates’ spiritual development as druids, not evaluate their progress.

New Apprentices or current Apprentices who do not have a mentor may also request a mentor for themselves while they are working through the Apprentice curriculum. Mentors for Apprentices have succeeded in working through the requirements of the second degree and have undergone the same training that mentors for Candidates receive. The Mentoring Program offers the same support and guidance to Apprentices as it offers to Candidates; the mentors work to help facilitate Apprentices’ spiritual development, not evaluate their progress.

For more information on AODA’s mentoring program, please email us at mentoring (at)