Third Degree Curriculum Details

The following requirements have been established by the Grand Grove for advancement to the Third Degree, the degree of Adept. This degree has no fixed curriculum in the normal sense, as each aspirant to this Degree must go beyond the ordinary and blaze a new trail through the Druid forest. The Third Degree can be completed in a minimum of three years; however, you are welcome to take as much time as you need.

This is done by designing and completing a major project in some field directly relevant to your work as an Ovate, Bard, or Druid. This project should take you several years of hard work, and push your talents and personal vision to their limits and beyond. We want to see that you have grown as a druid from when you began your journey and have added to the body of druid knowledge and practice. Additionally, while we recognize that many 3rd degree projects are highly personal, each project should have some component that you are able to share with others: in the AODA or broader druid community, in your local community, etc.

Your project must be approved by the Grand Grove before you begin work, and it must be submitted to the Grand Grove for final approval when you are finished. The forthcoming Companion Guide includes information about how to write your proposal.  In the meantime, you can visit the Third Degree Proposal Guidelines.  You can also see the Third Degree showcase which offers examples of completed third degree projects.

Should you desire to receive the Third Degree in more than one branch of the Order, you may do so, but a different project must be presented for each branch.  You may not combine Bardic and Ovate work in a single project, for example, and request initiation as a Bard Adept and an Ovate Adept on the basis of that one project. To become an Ovate Adept, a Bard Adept, and a Druid Adept thus requires the approval and completion of three separate projects, each of which measures up to the same high standards. We do recognize that many projects have crossovers (e.g. you might be primarily pursuing an ovate project that also has bardic elements) but you should select the primary area for your project.  Those who qualify for initiation as Adepts in all three branches shall receive the additional title of Ollave.