Grand Grove Bios

Our current Grand Grove is as follows:

The Grand Archdruid (Archdruid of Earth): Gordon Cooper

Gordon Cooper began his study of nature spirituality and magic over four decades ago while serving in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician and Communications Intelligence Analyst. His BA degree work was largely done at the University of Texas @ El Paso, where David Eyde was his advisor for the Anthropology component of his degree. His second major is in Turkish, which was studied at the US Military Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. He has written and lectured on Occultism and Spirituality for four decades. He is an OBOD Mt. Haemus Scholar and a Sam-Duan (Third Degree Teacher) personal student of the late Hsin Lu Tao Wu Ssu Master Jesus “Jesse” Ventura. He lives in Bremerton, Washington.

The blogs of the Grand Archdruid, Gordon Cooper, include Tools for Druid Comrades, Roots, Shoots, and Branches, and Some of what the Victorians Knew.


Archdruid of Water: Dana O’Driscoll

Dana O’Driscoll spent most of her childhood in the wooded hills of the Laurel Highland region of Pennsylvania, making mud pies, building brush cabins, and eating berries. Thankfully, little has changed, and she can still be found searching out tasty mushrooms, gathering herbs, and playing her panflute for the trees. Dana enjoys various kinds of wildcrafting and natural arts and is often covered with paint, dirt, or both. She is a certified permaculture designer and is working towards more resilient, self-sufficient lifestyle through beekeeping, perennial agriculture, animal husbandry, food preservation, herbalism, and natural building. She also serves as a community organizer to promote sustainable education, food security, and community empowerment using permaculture methods.

Dana joined the AODA in 2005 and, after completing her first and second degrees, earned the degree of Druid Adept in 2013. Her Druid Adept project explored connections between permaculture and druidry. She joined the Grand Grove in 2014 as Grand Pendragon and became an Archdruid in 2015. She served as Chief Editor of Trilithon: The Journal of the Ancient Order of Druids in America for the first four issues. She is also a Druid-grade member in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and was chosen as the 18th Mount Haemus Scholar by OBOD for her work, “Channeling the Awen Within: An Exploration of Learning the Bardic Arts in the Modern Druid Tradition. “ Dana holds a Bachelors Degree in English, a Masters Degree in Linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition, and by day, enjoys her job as university professor. Dana is the illustrator and author of the Tarot of Trees, a whimsical, tree-themed tarot deck published in 2009 ( Her writings on druidry and sustainability can be found at The Druid’s Garden (


Archdruid of Fire: Adam Robersmith

An unaffiliated Druid since the early 1990s, Adam Robersmith joined the AODA in 2007 as a way to nurture his own spiritual life while following his call to work in the world as a Unitarian Universalist minister and spiritual director. He was granted the degree of Druid Adept in 2016 upon completion of the Nine Hazels Qi Gong, a qigong form designed to teach and support Western energetic practice through movements that also support bodily health. He joined the Grand Grove in 2016.

Adam holds a Permaculture Design Certificate, a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry. His undergraduate studies focused on Biology (Behavior and Ecology), Myth, Ritual, and Literature. He was the St. Lawrence Fellow for the study of Universalist History in seminary, and studied the process of spiritual formation for his doctorate.

Adam is an artist who most often works in fiber as a spinner, weaver, and knitter; a musician who plays harp, bodhran, and sings; and a writer of poetry, fiction, and spiritually focused non-fiction. When he is not actively tending his garden, he can often be found enjoying it and the wilder spaces beyond whenever the weather and his work permit. He has particular interests in contemplative practices, divination, storytelling, and the intersections of myth and history. Having lived in New York, Ireland, California, Arizona, and Illinois, he now lives in the woods of Connecticut with his partner, their dog, two looms, and many, many plants indoors and out.


Archdruid of Air: Kelly Trumble

From an early age Kelly has had a passion for learning. She earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s and PhD in British literature. She has worked as an accountant, an adjunct professor of English, and a freelance editor. She formally joined AODA in 2013 and is currently working on her second degree, which she plans to complete at the end of 2016. She is a student of the Dolmen Arch magical system and has served as a copyeditor of Trilithon: The Journal of the Ancient Order of Druids in America. Kelly joined the Grand Grove in 2016.

Kelly spends most of her time homeschooling her son, doing the occasional copyediting, volunteering at the local library, and caring for her family. She has a newly discovered passion for birdwatching, so she can often be found walking in the woods of her northern Michigan home with a pair of binoculars. She enjoys learning traditional skills and practicing organic gardening, animal husbandry, knitting, and homemade food preparation. Kelly has dedicated her life to living simply and caring for the Earth, and is committed to teaching her son to do the same.


Grand Pendragon (Appointed Officer): Paul Angelini

A native-born Michigander, Paul Angelini has had a deep love of the natural world and it’s wonders since his earliest years of childhood. In his late teens, he discovered the Western Esoteric Tradition, largely by way of Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, and “Learning Ritual Magic” (Greer, etc.). In 2008, Paul attended a conference on Peak Oil in Rochester, Michigan entitled Plan C, where he met, among many other great people, then-Grand Archdruid, John Michael Greer. While not acquainted with the AODA or Druidry in general at that time, Paul was deeply impressed by his conversations with JM, and a seed was planted in his mind at that time which later sprouted and took root when he joined the AODA in 2013. At present, he is working on his AODA 2nd degree.

In addition to his Druidic path, he is committed to sustainability and the conservation of old skills and knowledge, having completed a Permaculture Design Certificate course in 2011 in Detroit, MI, a 4-season Traditional Western Herbalism intensive with acclaimed Michigan-based herbalist, Jim McDonald in 2012, and in 2013, went on to co-organize a meetup group in SE Michigan centered around permaculture design, community building, and the exchange of useful skills and knowledge. His passions include foraging wild food/medicine, making music and exploring new music, hiking, collecting old/used/new books, cider making (and zymurgy in general), book design and layout, and learning new skills/subjects.

Grand Almoner (Appointed Officer): Currently Vacant.


The Grand Herald (Appointed Officer): Adam Milner

Adam has been called to a spiritual connection in the natural world since childhood. After searching for ways to explore that connection through the lenses of Christianity, Taoism and Paganism he eventually found a home in Druidry. After a long Candidacy, he was initiated into the AODA First Degree on Alban Hefin, 2015 and is currently working on his Second Degree.

Adam grew up exploring the canyons, deserts and wide open skies of New Mexico. He currently lives in Oakland, CA and is exploring urban sustainability, pollinator protection, and the streams and forests of his adopted home.

Other AODA Staff Positions are as follows:

Mentor Coordinator, Claire Schosser

Claire Schosser, AODA’s Mentor Coordinator, first encountered the AODA when she began reading Archdruid Emeritus John Michael Greer’s blog The Archdruid Report in 2009. In late 2012, after slowly growing more intrigued with Druidry and the AODA through Greer’s occasional mentions, perusal of the AODA website, and a first reading of the Druidry Handbook, she joined the AODA and began practicing. As she worked through the Candidate and Apprentice curricula, the AODA’s practices worked their magic on her, and eventually she realized she’d found her spiritual home in Druidry and the AODA. Through the Dolmen Arch course she has gained a deep appreciation for Druid philosophy and magic, and through her Apprentice project she finally became a competent vegetable gardener. She is looking forward to what she learns during her time as a Companion!
AODA Secretary, Jason Stieber
Jason Stieber is a Texas native who joined the AODA in 2017, but has been walking the Druid path formally since 2014 as a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. He holds a BA in Comparative Literature and a Master of Library Science degree with a concentration in Archives and Records Management. After 25 years of working in galleries, libraries, and museums (affectionately known as “GLAM” institutions in the profession), he could no longer live under the hegemony of cultivating a glamorous CV. He decided to turn his passion for growing things into a mid-life career change. He now lives in Cumberland, Maryland where he runs his own landscaping company.
Moine Michelle, Chief Editor of Trilithon: The Journal of the Ancient Order of Druids in America


Moine Michelle is a contemplative Druid (AODA, OBOD), Scottish Gaelic learner, and writer living in the DC-area. For her day-job, she teaches writers to love every aspect of the writing process. In her free-time, she hangs out with a feisty fat Chihuahua.

Her poetry book, Colors of this Hungry Sky, is available via