The Dolmen Arch Study Program

The Dolmen Arch study program is an early 20th-century American Druid correspondence course reconstructed by Grand Archdruid Emeritus John Michael Greer, which includes material closely related to the teachings in The Druid Magic Handbook along with a great deal of additional teachings not published elsewhere — meditation practices, Druid philosophy, teachings concerning the Mabinogion, methods of energy healing, and much more. Although it is an independent course and not part of AODA, the Dolmen Arch study program qualifies for credit toward the Druid track of AODA’s training program. It is entirely compatible with AODA’s books and practices. The course is not restricted to AODA members, however; it may be taken by anyone who wishes to gain its benefits and is willing to work for them.

The Dolmen Arch study program may be undertaken as a self-study course or as a correspondence course. Those who successfully complete all seven grades of the Dolmen Arch course as a correspondence course with a certified teacher will have the option to become a certified teacher of the Dolmen Arch course if they wish to do so.

For the self-study option, Volume 1 of the Dolmen Arch study program, which includes the first four grades, is available for sale here. Volume 2, including the remaining three grades, is expected to be released for sale in 2023.

If you are interested in the possibility of taking the Dolmen Arch course as a correspondence course from a certified teacher, please email the AODA at for a list of certified teachers and other important information about the correspondence course option.