Druids Book: Call for Submissions (Closed)

Submissions for the Druids Book are currently closed.  If you are interesting in contributing to an AODA publication, you can visit our Trilithon Page.

Previous Call for Submissions (Due Jan 1, 2023).

As the druid tradition continues to develop globally, many druids are developing beautiful material for blessing, energizing, honoring, and working with the living earth. Specifically, we are looking for submissions that include ceremonies, rituals, prayers and songs for general use in the druid community. We are particularly inspired by John O’Donohue’s To Bless The Space Between Us and seek to create something druid specific that does some of the work of his book. Here are some of the many things we are looking for:

  • Material for tree blessing, honoring nature, raising energy, and establishing sacred space
  • Material that works with the three druid elements (Gwyar, Calas, and Nywfre) or the seven elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit Above, Spirit Below, or Spirit Within)
  • Material that invokes or honors the flow of Awen
  • Poetry that is appropriate for prayers of various kinds (meals, helping a living being pass, blessings, and so forth)
  • Prayers, ceremonies, and rituals to honor natural observances (sunrise, sunset, moonrise, full moon, new moon, solstices, equinoxes, first snowfall, flowing of maple sap, tree rituals)
  • We welcome original songs and compositions
  • Rituals and prayers for blessing the land for abundance (planting, harvest, healing for polluted areas, etc.)
  • Prayers and blessings for everyday life, including gratitude practices, prayers for sleep and waking, and so forth.
  • Artwork is also welcome on spiritual themes (will be printed B&W in our printed book and in color in our online version). High resolution (300dpi) or higher needed.

The above list is not exhaustive, and we welcome your ideas and contributions.

This project is sponsored by the Ancient Order of Druids in America (www.aoda.org) and works within the framework of Revival Druidry. While this is an AODA-sponsored project, we welcome submissions from the broader druid and nature-based spiritual communities. Because AODA membership has a diverse set of beliefs concerning deity, afterlife, spirit, and so forth (and include polytheists, monotheists, agnostics, animists, and pantheists), we ask that submissions be focused towards nature and the living earth rather than a particular belief path or that submissions allow for a “fill in the blank” for a personal conception of deity/spirit. For our previous Druid’s Book, please visit this page.

Material submitted to this project must be your original work. By submitting, you give the AODA permission to publish a free E-book and a low-cost print version of the book that will be available widely for use in the druid community. All authors will receive a complimentary printed copy of the book once released. Authors should expect to engage in an editorial process and possible revision as part of their contribution to the book. All authors retain the copyright to their work.

**Please direct questions and queries to Dana O’Driscoll at druidbook@aoda.org.

Submissions are accepted for Volume 2 until January 1st, 2023.  Submit at: druidbook@aoda.org