Articles on Druidry

About Druidry

Wild-crafting the Modern Druid by Gordon Cooper– Explorations in rooting Druidic cosmology and poetry in one’s own language and ecosystem.

Three Druid Elements by John Michael Greer– A set of elements and elemental symbolism traditional in the Druid Revival.

Druidry and the Future by John Michael Greer– What Druids can do in response to the approaching decline of industrial civilization.

Connection as the Core Philosophy in the Druid Tradition By Dana O’Driscoll – Exploring the commonalities of the druid tradition through three kinds of connection: to the earth, to the creative arts, and to a personal path.

About the Druid Revival and AODA History

What is the Druid Revival? by John Michael Greer– A brief history of the three-hundred-year-old tradition of nature spirituality from which the AODA descends.

The Mortimer Papers by Gordon Cooper— A Parable of Revival Druidry

On Meditation and Ritual

The AODA’s Solitary Grove Opening and Closing Ritual.  This version includes indoor and outdoor options for the solitary practitioner.

Introduction to the Sphere of Protection — An overview of the SOP, the AODA’s primary daily working.

A Primer of Druid Meditation by John Michael Greer– An introduction to discursive meditation, the method most commonly used in Druid Revival traditions.

Walking Meditation: Druidic Being in the World by Moine–An introduction to walking meditation.

A Few Thoughts on Discursive Meditation by Mam Adar– A look at “focused” meditation.

The Tree of Life and the Wheel of the Year by John Michael Greer– Explorations in the interface between the Cabala and Druid philosophy.

On Nature

Sacred Gardening through the Three Elements by Dana O’Driscoll– Explore how to use the three druid elements (Gwyar, Calas, and Nywfre) to create sacred garden designs and rituals.

Creating Druid Tools

The Crane Bag by Dr. John Gilbert– An introductory lecture on the Crane Bag, one of the working tools of the Druid.

Miscellaneous Articles of Interest for Druids

Ars Memorativa: The Art of Memory (Part 1)  by John Michael Greer– An exploration of the history and purpose of the Art of Memory, an ancient system for “upgrading” human memory.

Ars Memorativa: the Art of Memory (Part 2) by John Michael Greer–Practical instructions in the Art of Memory.

A Pacific Northwest Ogham  by John Michael Greer– Modifying the Ogham alphabet to work within local ecosystems a long way from Ireland.

An Exploration into the use of the “Hand Ogham” in Meditation by Tully Reill– The title speaks for itself!

Tree Qi Gong  by Andrew Dale — An introduction to a system of Chinese energy meditation that harmonizes well with traditional Druidry.

A Local Ogham: Finding Your Area’s Sacred Plants by Dana WiyningerHow to adapt the Ogham divination system to the sacred trees in your local area.

Ancestral Wisdom in Contemporary Druidry by Daniel Cureton–An exploration of ancestor worship through rites, shrines, and meditation.