The Ancient Order of Druids in America welcomes applications for membership from people of all spiritual, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, age 18 or older, who wish to create and follow a personal path of nature spirituality.

Why Join?

The AODA offers a wide variety of benefits to its members, including:

  • Education in nature-based spirituality, druid philosophy, activity, and ritual practices;
  • Mentoring in the process of developing your personal, earth-centered path of nature spirituality;
  • Participation in an active, vibrant, and respectful online community
  • Opportunities to participate in face-to-face activities, via membership in Home Circles, Study Groups, and Groves;
  • Members-only information (newsletters, membership maps, etc);
  • A New Candidate Guide for AODA members

For more on how to join the AODA, visit our “Joining the AODA” page.

For more information on our curriculum, visit our “Curriculum” page.