The Crane Bag

The Crane Bag

©2003 by Dr. John Gilbert, Archdruid of Air. All rights reserved.

The Druid’s Crane Bag is a small to large bag made of leather, skin, hide, cotton, linen, wool or other cloth, or any substance capable of holding a collection of things inside it. Not only may the Druid’s Crane Bag be of any size and composition, it may be of any color or combination of colors. It may be held or connected to your Druid belt rope in any manner. These decisions are entirely up to each Druid. The requirement that a Druid in the Ancient Order of Druids in America wears or carries a Crane Bag is only a suggestion and not even a requirement.

During the rituals a Druid is told to place his or her Druid Stone in her or his Crane Bag. This is a safe place to carry that spiritual object. But Druids in the Order have the right and the privilege to decide how and where to carry all of their spiritual objects. The Druid’s Crane Bag is one such place.

As a Druid Apprentice we are taught to place our red stone inside our Crane Bag to keep it safe when we are not otherwise using it. This red stone is a spiritual object and the symbol of an Apprentice Druid. As a Druid Companion we’re taught to carry our blue stone inside our Crane bag to keep it safe when we’re not using it. This blue stone is a spiritual object and the symbol of a Druid Companion. Druid Adepts are taught to carry their green stone inside their Crane Bag and treat both their stone and bag as the spiritual objects they in truth are.

Druids may place any other spiritual object in their Crane Bags according to their personal preferences. Such items may include:

Rocks and mineral specimens
Shells, corals, and sponges
Plants, leaves, twigs, roots or pieces of bark
Herbs, oils, infusions, concoctions, teas or healing brews
Seeds and spores of all kinds
Feathers or other bird parts
Fur, nails, bones, claws, teeth or other animal parts
Animal, plant or spirit totems of any kind
Any other items with a spiritual purpose

What you place in your Crane Bag is entirely up to you. This is your Druidic medicine bundle where you can keep any spiritual objects that hold a special meaning for you. You may keep anything with a spiritual purpose in your Crane Bag and you need not share the contents of your Crane Bag with any other person whatsoever.

Druid Apprentices are encouraged to make their own Crane Bag but this is not a requirement. You may purchase any bag of your choice or have another person make it for you. You may decorate your Crane Bag or have another person do it for you. How you make, create, decorate or use your Crane Bag is a decision each Druid makes for himself or herself.

Druid Companions are encouraged to use their Crane Bag in all their spiritual work, to infuse their Crane Bag with spiritual energy, to turn their Crane Bag into a spiritual object. Alternatively they may use the services of a Druid Priest or Priestess to consecrate their Crane Bag for spiritual purposes. In keeping with ancient traditions, they may use their Crane Bag for any purpose they alone determine

Druid Adepts are encouraged to teach others how to make, create, consecrate for a spiritual purpose and use their Crane Bags. Druid Adepts are encouraged to continue using their Crane Bag in their spiritual work. They are also encouraged to help any person who desires to create or make a Crane Bag for their own purposes.

Any person desiring to make or create a Crane Bag will do well to seek out a Druid Adept or a Druid Companion for assistance. These Druids will not make or create your Crane Bag for you, but they are a good source of reliable information and goods suggestions.

Your Druid Crane Bag is the badge of a Druid. Wear it with pride and with honor to yourself and the Druid Craft.