Traditional Druid Nature Spirituality For Today

Over the last three hundred years, Druids have explored many different spiritual paths and practices, and created legacies from which today's Druids can learn and benefit. Follow the links below to articles on the AODA, the Druid Revival, and related topics.

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2013 Full issue of Trilithon, the AODA's yearly journal.

An Exploration into the use of the “Hand Ogham” in Meditation The title speaks for itself!

A Few Thoughts on Discursive Meditation A look at "focused" meditation.

A Pacific Northwest Ogham Modifying the Ogham alphabet to work within local ecosystems a long way from Ireland.

A Primer of Druid Meditation An introduction to discursive meditation, the method most commonly used in Druid Revival traditions.

Ars Memorativa: The Art of Memory (Part 1) An exploration of the history and purpose of the Art of Memory, an ancient system for "upgrading" human memory.

Ars Memorativa: the Art of Memory (Part 2) Practical instructions in the Art of Memory.

Druidry and the Future What Druids can do in response to the approaching decline of industrial civilization.

Solitary Grove Ritual A version of the AODA grove ritual designed to be worked by a single Druid for any ceremonial purpose.

The Crane Bag An introductory lecture on the Crane Bag, one of the working tools of the Druid.

The Sphere of Protection A ritual of protection and elemental working traditionally used in AODA training.

Three Druid Elements A set of elements and elemental symbolism traditional in the Druid Revival.

The Mortimer Papers A Parable of Revival Druidry

The Tree of Life and the Wheel of the Year Explorations in the interface between the Cabala and Druid philosophy.

Tree Qi Gong An introduction to a system of Chinese energy meditation that harmonizes well with traditional Druidry.

Vis Medicatrix Naturae An essay on the healing energies of nature.

What is the Druid Revival? A brief history of the three-hundred-year-old tradition of nature spirituality from which the AODA descends.

Wild-crafting the Modern Druid Explorations in rooting Druidic cosmology and poetry in one's own language and ecosystem.