Books on Druidry

The Ancient Order of Druids in America offers books relevant to our traditions and study program. Several books relevant to our work are also published by Weiser Books, and a correspondence study program is also available to members and nonmembers interested in traditional Druid Revival spirituality.  We also have information on the Dolmen Arch Study Program.

The Druid’s Book of Prayers, Ceremonies and Songs

Our first volume of The Druid’s Book of Ceremonies, Prayers and Songs is now available.  You can purchase it via Amazon using this link.

About the book: The Druid’s Book of Ceremonies, Songs, and Prayers represents a collection of 35 distinct ceremonies, prayers, chants, blessings, recognitions, and meditations created by members of the modern druid community. These materials may be used by individuals, groups, and groves to enhance their practice and connect with the living earth. The book is pan-druid in nature, thus, these materials may be of use by anyone following a druid or nature-based spiritual path. The collection includes songs and chants with musical notation, that represent joy and connection. It also offers a wide range of poems and prayers for everything from connecting to the seasons to honoring nature. Poetry and prayer may be used on their own or worked into other aspects of ritual or daily practice. Rituals include coming of age and recognizing life passages, honoring the trees and the earth, honoring the self, and experiencing the world around us. Meditations include guided meditations and calendars for the moon, tree meditations, and forest bathing. The contributions to this collection show us remarkable pluralism, resilience, and sustainability at the center of our growing spiritual network. Our collection represents the diversity of the Druid tradition, and nearly everyone who practices Druidry will be able to find inspiration within these pages.

Starseed Press Books

The Druid Grove Handbook

Compiled from the records of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, and edited by the AODA’s Grand Archdruid Emeritus, widely read author and environmental blogger John Michael Greer, this book provides a detailed survey of the evolution of AODA’s ceremonial traditions, and the complete rituals for opening and closing a Druid grove, initiating candidates for membership, and celebrating the solstices and equinoxes, the four primary holy days of the traditional Druid year.

90 pages, $15.95

Druid Revival Reader

An accessible and engaging introduction to contemporary Druid nature spirituality by the current Grand Archdruid of an American Druid order, The Druidry Handbook offers a hands-on guide to Druid methods of meditation, seasonalcelebration, and living in harmony with the green Earth.

In the midst of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, a handful of British intellectuals turned their backs on the social and cultural trends of their time and set out to reinvent the spirituality of the ancient Druids. The movement that rose out of this effort played a central role in struggles for cultural identity in most of the Celtic nations of Europe, provided inspiration to such world-class creative talents as William Blake and Frank Lloyd Wright, and inspired an innovative tradition of Western nature spirituality that remains active to this day. The Druid Revival Reader provides the first collection of original writings from that movement. Its selections, beginning with William Stukeley’s survey of Druid theology from 1743 and ending with Ross Nichols’ 1947 essay “An Examination of Creative Myth,” cover two centuries in the life of an evolving tradition.

Edited and introduced by contemporary Druid John Michael Greer, The Druid Revival Reader is essential for understanding the sources of modern Druid and Pagan traditions, and offers a wealth of insights relevant to the ecological and spiritual crises of our own time.

232 pages, $19.95

The Gnostic Celtic Church

The Gnostic Celtic Church (GCC) is an independent sacramental church of nature spirituality affiliated with the Ancient Order of Druids in America. Drawing its teachings and practices from a rich medley of sources, including the Druid Revival, the Gnostic Revival, the old Universalist Church, and the modern independent sacramental movement, it offers a contemporary vision of spiritual practice rooted in the Gnosis of Nature—the recognition of the natural world as a core source of meaning, value, and spirit. This manual and book of liturgy covers the teachings, ceremonies, and requirements for ordination in the GCC that were in place up until they were updated in 2020. Please note: The Gnostic Celtic Church: A Manual and Book of Liturgy is no longer the authoritative guide to the Gnostic Celtic Church. It has been replaced by The Gnostic Celtic Church Clergy Guide, which contains its relevant teachings but has been updated to include the Gnostic Celtic Church Monastery and the new GCC curriculums. The Gnostic Celtic Church Clergy Guide is sent in pdf form to all new Novitiates and in hard copy to all Deacons and above. Additional copies are available to AODA members only and can be requested at

109 pages, $15.95

Weiser Books

The Druidry Handbook


Originally published as the core textbook for the First Degree study program of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, and still relevant to the majority of the new First Degree study program, The Druidry Handbook explores the Sun Path of seasonal celebration, the Moon Path of meditation, and the Earth Path of living in harmony with nature as tools for crafting an earth-honoring life here and now. From ritual and meditation to nature awareness and ecological action, this user-friendly guide opens the door to a spirituality rooted in the living Earth.
288 pages. $21.95

The Druid Magic Handbook


The first book to provide instruction in the distinctive methods of ceremonial magic in the contemporary Druid tradition, The Druid Magic Handbook draws on the traditions of the Ancient Order of Druids in America to provide a complete curriculum for the student of Druid magic.

288 pages, $19.95